E3 2018: New Trailer Released for Octopath Traveler

Square Enix unveiled a brand-new trailer for much-anticipated Octopath Traveler. Due to launch July 13th, the retro-inspired RPG from the minds behind the fantastic Bravely Default titles is looking to be one of the finest titles on Nintendo Switch this year.

The painterly trailer bigs up the game’s characters. We get a good glimpse into the game’s world, too. While nothing overly new is shown, it’s always nice to see new trailers for anticipated games. A short but sweet overview trailer, Square’s latest showing of Octopath Traveler doesn’t give any new insight for the game, but offers a nicely condensed look at the title for those who are unaware of its potential greatness.

Octopath Traveler, Why Aren’t You Here Already?

The Switch doesn’t have a whole load of RPGs to choose from right now, and it’s nice to see that Square are supporting the hybrid console to some extent. Octopath Traveler looks lovely, with retro-inspired pop-up diorama worlds. Just seeing more of the game’s lovely world design and art is enough to get us excited.

For those unaware: In the traditional turn-based RPG you choose one of eight characters, each with a different class that provides Octopath different gameplay quirks based on your chosen character. For example, when in control of Olberic, you can challenge NPCs to battle against you. Primrose, meanwhile, can allure NPCs into following her – meaning you can summon them during battles. These little gameplay quirks sound exciting to try out and we can’t wait to dig into Octopath Traveler and see exactly how it all comes together.

While we would have loved to see Square delve into the game a little more, the new trailer was nice. Thankfully, Octopath Traveler will be in our hands soon, when the game launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch July 13th, 2018.