E3 2018: Transference Release Date is This Fall

Transference release date just got revealed to be this Fall. Produced by Elijah Wood’s development studio, Spectrevision, in Transference you will meet a troubled, dysfunctional family and solve their riddle through a narrative that is wide and diverse. The game is labeled as a psychological thriller that’s for virtual reality sets as well as traditional platforms, so expect to get your kicks and thrills in Ubisoft’s newest game no matter what you play it on.

It was originally announced during Ubisoft’s show last year, 2017 with the release date then being Spring 2018, though that has obviously changed since then. Back when it was shown in 2017, not much is known about the game apart from that that it invites players to “enter the home of the mind,” and that it will be part film and part game. Whether that puts you off or not, a look at the trailer may change your mind. Be sure to check that out for yourself below.

Nonetheless, we’ve found out more about the game this E3. The backstory of the game explains that you, the player, will be enveloped in this mind-bending digital world and will shift between the perspectives of Raymond Hayes, a brilliant but severely troubled scientist, his wife Katherine and their son Benjamin. The player will then recover the family’s memories and attempt to piece together the mystery that lies just underneath the surface.

It looks like a game that will keep you up at night in terror, but there’s no doubt that a friendly face like Elijah Wood (who stars in the game) may help others feel at ease. Just close your eyes and imagine Frodo is helping you out, folks.

What do you think? Are you willing to give this game a chance, or is this a pass from you and you’ll be playing something else more your style? Let us know in the comments below.