E3 2018: Satisfactory is a New Base-Building Game for No Man’s Sky Fans

Satisfactory has been given a big reveal during the E3 2018 PC Gaming press conference, with Coffee Stained studios presenting its upcoming base-building game during the event. The design of the game is similar to No Man’s Sky, with it boasting the same retro-futuristic aesthetic of Hello Games’ space exploration sim.

The game tasks players with creating sprawling factories, exploring mysterious planets in order to gather resources that can be used to add to their creations. It looks impressive, with the debut trailer showing off a bunch of towering and expansive structures.

Players assume the role of engineers, who will “explore and exploit the planet and its inhabitants” in order to expand. There will also be pets, so if you want a cuddly critter to follow you around while you speed along an alien planet in a dune buggy, then this one’s for you.

If you’re thinking that the name of the developer sounds familiar, then you may remember Coffee Stain as the team behind Goat SimulatorSatisfactory looks world’s apart from that intentionally janky comedy game, with it instead providing something a little more complex than the studio’s previous output. While it doesn’t quite match the ambition of No Man’s Sky, considering the controversy that surrounded that game, it’s probably for the best.

Watch the Satisfactory trailer below: