E3 2018: Double Fine’s Ooblets is Basically an Xbox One and PC Pokemon Game

Double Fine has revealed more information regarding Ooblets, an upcoming RPG in which players can take control of the titular creatures in a game that is said to combine the farm-building aspects of Stardew Valley with the monster capturing of Pokemon. The game was announced during the PC Gaming show, with it set for release on Xbox One and PC.

Ooblets has been in development for a little while now, having been announced back in 2017. The new trailer shows off the Ooblets’ dance moves, along with the world that the player will get to explore alongside them. Much like Pokemon, players will be able to collect these cute creatures, though it will move away from the Game Freak and Nintendo series’ linear environment in favor of a larger open world.

Check out the new Ooblets E3 2018 trailer below: