E3 2018: Death Stranding Trailer Blew Our Minds and Confused Our Senses

A new Death Stranding trailer was shown at the Sony E3 2018 conference and it’s the best one we’ve seen to date. Although it posed more questions than it answered, it definitely showed that Kojima unchained from the Metal Gear franchise is an even better storyteller than we thought.

Extinction factor, levels, weird tattoos, it’s so Kojima. We got our first in-engine look at Death Stranding and I could just look at Norman Reedus crawling up rocks for hours. Please inject this game right into my cortex.

We do know that Norman Reedus’s character Sam is in fact a porter. We also saw an unidentified character carrying packages through a landscape. We also got to see two other new characters for the first time. Linday Wagner and Lea Seydoux play two as yet unnamed characters in the game.

The trailer also confirmed that the babys and the weird time shadow people have some sort of connection. Norman Reedus plugs his fetus into some device on his back which he then uses to illuminate and avoid the shadow people. Yes, plugging your fetus into your backpack is a gameplay feature in Death Stranding.

Well the internet has plenty to speculate on concerning Kojima’s latest work, who knows which theories will be right.