E3 2018: Super Mario Party Coming to Nintendo Switch

Get ready to ruin some friendships! Super Mario Party is coming to Nintendo Switch and, with it, promises to bring all the joy and utterly manic minigames that has made the series such a fun experience since the 1990s. As announced at E3 2018’s Nintendo DirectSuper Mario Party will include four-player competitive gameplay and will launch in the near future, with a release date of October 5.

Players will be able to combine two Switch monitors to create one big screen to play and watch the madness that is Super Mario Party. It’ll be perfect for parties on-the-go, parks, picnics, and so much more. It’s almost as if Nintendo know what they’re doing, eh?

You can watch the Super Mario Party trailer below. It wouldn’t be a Nintendo E3 conference, after all, without some awkward teenagers huddled around a Switch pretending to have fun. Ready to rock and roll? There looks to be plenty of minigames, from card games, to baseball-themed home run contests, on offer. Talk about super.