Spider-Man PS4 Officially Joins Marvel Comic Book Canon

One of the few PS4 exclusives featured at E3 2018 with a 2018 release date includes Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man. The highly-anticipated upcoming game stars one of Marvel’s most iconic characters ever. It would have only existed in video game form. However, thanks to comic book logic and corporate synergy, Insomniac Games’ take on the wall-crawler will officially join Marvel comic book canon soon.

Marvel Comics has been teasing a new mysterious Spider-Man since the comic book publisher revealed a new comic book crossover storyline dubbed Spidergeddon. It will be a spiritual sequel to another Spider-Man crossover featuring Spider-Men from many different universes and worlds. As unveiled exclusively by Polygon, the new mysterious silhouetted Spider-Man has been revealed to be the Spider-Man from Insomniac Games’ upcoming title.

The most interesting part about this news is how Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man will interact with other Spider-Men, especially the Spider-Man we know and love from The Amazing Spider-Man comics. A prominent comic book writer named Christos Gage is one of several writers who worked on the Spider-Man PS4 game.

Spider-Man Insomniac PS4 Marvel Comics Spidergeddon

He said: “There are other reasons based in-character that make some of the interactions between him and other Spider-folks really juicy and interesting, but I can’t say too much without spoiling the game. It’s great story fodder though — this is definitely not shoehorning a character in where he doesn’t belong. In fact, it seems like an important next step for him.”

Spider-Man PS4 Marvel Canon: Takes Place After The Game

Gage also confirmed that the events of Spidergeddon will take place after the events in the Spider-Man PS4 game. The comic book crossover also comes out a few weeks after the Spider-Man PS4 game releases, so it’ll be a great time for those who have finished the game by then to discover what happens next. Keep in mind that there will probably b spoilers for anyone who hasn’t finished the game, although Gage confirms that they won’t be “huge” ones.

Spidergeddon Issue #0 will be published on September 26th, whereas the Spider-Man PS4 game will be released on September 7th. Check out the E3 2018 PlayStation Showcase trailer for Spider-Man below.

Image Credit: (Marvel Comics, Polygon)