New Jump Force Trailer Footage Shows off Death Note Characters

Bandai Namco’s new Jump Force trailer was full of surprises, much like the game itself. This anime mash-up, created as a celebration of Shonen Jump’s 50th year, has got every anime/manga fan on tenterhooks waiting for the latest information. Today, Bandai Namco rewarded the fans patience with a teaser trailer on Twitter and YouTube that would have any dedicated Death Note fan foaming at the mouth.

The trailer shows footage of a ruined city, one that fans will recognize as the same city that was shown in the E3 release trailer. We have no idea who’s perspective we’ve taken hold of, but they are running throughout the city towards something. But then an explosion occurs, which fades into the reveal of Death Note’s infamous protagonist Light Yagami and his Shinigami (a Japanese god of death), Ryuk.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to play as Light and Ryuk in the game you may leave this article feeling disappointed. When talking to ComicBook, public relations manager Nick O’Leary stated, “those characters will not be playable. They’re more involved with the story.” Which makes sense, considering how Light’s and Ryuk’s power is to simply write a name into their Death Notes to kill someone, would make them overpowered compared to the other characters in Jump Force.

While it hasn’t been confirmed what role Light and Ryuk will have in the story, considering the role they play in Death Note, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume it’s something foreboding.

If you’ve not seen the trailer for yourself, check it out below at Bandai Namco Europe’s official Twitter: