God of War Climbs Back to Number One in the UK, Thanks to Massive Days of Play Promotion

As a very eventful E3 2018 closes its curtains, it’s time to see what game reigned supreme in a week with no major releases. Some games were released digitally during E3 2018 but the UK charts only actually take physical and retail games into account. Thanks to Sony’s massive Days of Play promotion, a bunch of PS4 games have managed to break into the top ten, including the triumphant return of God of War at number one.

According to the most recent Ukie game charts, God of War has managed to grab the top spot once again. It previously held the position for five consecutive weeks after launching in late April. The PS4 exclusive’s godly feat is due to the Days of Play promotion, which saw the game being sold for only $49.99 USD. That’s a great deal for a record-breaking game that was originally released only two months ago.

God of War Back At Number One: Days of Play Promotion

God of War wasn’t the only game that received a bump on the UK charts due to the Days of Play promotion. Multiplatform games like Fallout 4 and Call of Duty WW2 also did remarkably well, grabbing the third and tenth position respectively. Surprisingly, PlayStation VR Worlds gained a 48 percent increase in sales, allowing it to reach number five on the UK charts.

FIFA 18 and Detroit Become Human maintain their positions from last week, at second and fourth place respectively. However, last week’s champ Vampyr slumped down to number eight, after dropping 70 percent in sales, probably due to mixed feedback from players and critics alike.

Today is the last day for Sony’s Days of Play promotion, which has been running since June 8th, 2018. It looks like Sony managed to successfully capitalize on the gaming hype generated by E3 2018. On the other hand, Microsoft attempted the same thing with its Biggest Xbox Sale which included a discounted Xbox One X for the very first time. However, it doesn’t seem to have done a good job in the UK, with no Xbox exclusives in sight.