Fallen London Begins This Year’s Mayoral Elections

It’s that time of year again, delicious friends! Failbetter Games have announced the third annual election season for Mayor of story-rich indie browser game Fallen London. You sadly won’t be able to run yourself, but you can influence the election and choose the candidate you want to reign over London for the next 12 months.

Elections begin today on June 18 and will end on July 2. This first week is dedicated to players discovering more about each of the available candidates through Fallen London‘s stellar storytelling, and it’ll also allow you to further your in-game political career. You can trade items and favours, and take part in political activities to improve your reputation. Some activities like this will also raise your Election Career level, which increases support for your chosen candidate when the elections truly begin and votes are taken in the second week.

There are three candidates in the 1896 elections, each up for the chance of taking over from the previous mayor, Feducci. The Captivating Princess is the Empress’ daughter. Her presence in the elections raise some moral issues of the separation of the crown and state, as does her campaign slogan, “Make London Magnificent for Me.” Mr Slowcake is the editor of Slowcake’s Exceptionals, a catalogue of notable people and why they should be noted. His motto is simply, “To Every Soul its Station.” Finally, there’s The Jovial Contrarian. He apparently woke up in the bath and decided that “There was nothing for it but to run against my own ideals,” and instead is campaigning for law and order under the motto, “Pull Yourselves Together!”

If you want to know more of the details, you can check out the official announcement post on Failbetter Games’ website, where you can also see more detailed descriptions of each of the candidates.