New Armored Core Teased by From Software President

Developer From Software has been very successful thanks to their Souls and Souls-like games in the past seven years. It might be easy to forget that the studio was also behind the Armored Core franchise. And while the mech series has been on hiatus for the past five years, a new Armored Core could be coming soon, given the recent teases by president of From Software Hidetaka Miyazaki.

In an interview with Japanese magazine Famtisu (translated by Gematsu), Miyazaki said that he wanted From Software’s fans to know that “I mentioned three things moving along on our major development line, but Déraciné is not one of those.” The interview then turned directly to Armored Core. When pushed further on Armored Core through a Japanese meme about the series, Miyazaki did not deny that another title was on the way.

While this alone does not confirm a new title in the series, it fits in with other hints the developer has dropped about a new entry. In December 2017, From Software’s Yasunori Ogura tweeted (as translated by Gematsu) that while he “cannot discuss anything right now, we have no intention of ending the Armored Core series in its current state, so I would appreciate it if you can wait a little while longer.” Then in early March 2018, a Japanese recruitment site (also translated by Gematsu) posted a job listing with an interview with Armored Core V and Armored Core: Verdict Day director Naoyuki Takahashi.

Dark Souls and Bloodborne took off in a way that might have caused them to put this series on the side for now. Armored Core: Verdict Day was the last entry in the series and came out in September 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, which was a few months before the PS4 and Xbox One even released. From Software is making both the PSVR title Déraciné as well as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, so it could be a while before there are even able to make a new Armored Core game, granted that it is even happening.