Fallout 76 Beta Will Start on Xbox One Before Other Platforms

Fallout 76 was teased even before it was announced properly at E3 this year, but what makes this game a little different, apart from that it’s online, of course, is that Bethesda will officially launch a Fallout 76 beta to test its servers. This is entirely new from Bethesda, as they’ve never had to test their Fallout titles, but then again, none of their previous Fallout games have had live servers before.

During their conference at E3, Bethesda announced that Fallout 76 would be releasing year on the 14th of November. But they also made it clear that the game would have a beta (Break-It Early Test Application), in order to see how the game would run. Unfortunately, they did not disclose a date for the beta, but their FAQ on Fallout 76 does provide some interesting answers to some of our questions.

The first answer is to one of the most important questions: how do we get access to the beta in the first place? The FAQ states that you’ll need to “pre-order the game from any retailer,” or if you’ve pre-ordered digitally, that you’ll be automatically signed up for the beta regardless.

But more importantly, the FAQ answers that while there is no beta date disclosed as of now, “it has been stated that the beta will start on Xbox first.” There was no other information included to express why the beta would officially start on the Xbox first, but we’re positive that someone out there will be more than a little irritated they can’t get access to the beta straight away.

However, releasing the beta on Xbox first isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Bethesda could be releasing it on this console first just to check out bugs and glitches, and then move on to make sure it doesn’t run into the same issues on other platforms. Someone has to be the guinea pig, after all.

What do you think? Are you irritated you won’t get Fallout 76 fix straight away or are you willing to wait? Let us know in the comments.