Rocket League Rocket Pass Detailed

Developer Psyonix has been teasing their upcoming changes to Rocket League for about a month. Today, they revealed more information on the Rocket League Rocket Pass. This Fortnite-like, limited-time progression system is a new way for players to earn cosmetic items. It will have free and premium tiers and the first of several Rocket Passes will come out at some unspecified time later this summer.

Rocket League Rocket Pass: Free and Premium Tiers

Psyonix’s blog details both passes. The free pass will automatically unlock cosmetic items for all players as they play the game. Possible rewards include customization items, player banners, in-game titles, and Decryptors, which are keys for the game’s loot crates.

For the local equivalent of $10, players can purchase the Premium Rocket Pass. These exclusive rewards range from customization items, new car bodies, keys, premium player banners, and premium titles. Premium Rocket Pass buyers can also earn XP boosts that, as the title implies, multiply their experience during the duration of your Premium Rocket Pass. Skeptical buyers will also be able to view the content of the Premium Rocket Pass before upgrading.

The pass will be available on all systems the game is currently on. Players will also be able to trade items to each other, which even includes previously non-tradable titles. Anyone can upgrade to the Premium Rocket Pass and not lose progress and they’ll also instantly get the premium rewards up to their current Pass Tier.

Rocket League Rocket Pass: How Tiers Work

Leveling is at the crux of the Rocket League Rocket Pass. Every gained level places you on a higher Pass Tier. Gaining more tiers nets you more items. Impatient or time-crunched players can purchase tiers with keys, but Psyonix has not nailed down how many tiers will be in the first Rocket Pass.

After reaching the top of the tiers, Pro Tiers will unlock for Premium Pass owners. Pro Tier rewards unlock a special painted or certified versions of Premium Pass items you’ve already unlocked. These items won’t duplicate until you’ve completed the full set in the current pass. Not every pass item will have a painted or certified version either.

Rocket League Rocket Pass: Extra Bits

There will be no gameplay challenges in the first Rocket Pass. Psyonix didn’t want to mess with the competitive balance and encourage players to prioritize their challenge list over team play. However, players who win enough games each week will be awarded the “Weekly Win Bonus,” which allows players to level up faster.

Progression for higher leveled players will be the same after a certain threshold. In essence, level 30 players will rank up just as fast as level 300 players. This system is designed to not punish veterans by making leveling an unfair grind.

Crates are not unlocks in either tier. But decryptors and keys are available in the Premium Pass.