American Girl Doll Now Has an Xbox Gaming Bundle

Just when we thought the Sega’s Sonic toaster would be the strangest thing we’d write about, the American Girl Doll getting its own Xbox Gaming bundle just has to come in and kick the toaster off its throne. American Girl Dolls are a line of 18-inch dolls that were originally released in 1986 by the Pleasant Company, which often bundle the dolls with a variety of different accessories and items. The company targets young children to pre-teens, but this latest doll is targeted towards not just young children, but young gamers.

If you’re thinking of getting the doll for your own child or someone you know, you should consider that the Xbox Gaming bundle is sold separately from the doll. But what is included may make up for that, especially if you just want to show your child that no matter their gender – gaming is for everyone.

Even Larry Hyrb thought the bundle was pretty sweet.

The doll is said to come with the following items, as described by the official website:

  • A pretend Xbox One S game console that projects 10 different gaming scenes.
  • An Xbox One S controller that dolls can really hold.
  • A comfy faux-leather game chair with built-in speaker. Includes a cord that plugs into personal devices to play music or other sounds.
  • Pretend wireless gaming headphones with an adjustable mic to chat with friends.
  • Two fun game discs to insert into the console projector and two cases to keep them safe.

Of course, all of these items are sadly just for pretending and so we don’t advise you to buy this bundle thinking it would be the perfect gift for your gamer child.

Nonetheless, we can’t help but be intrigued by American Girl Dolls creating a bundle for all the gamers out there who want to portray their doll-like themselves. It’s a smart move, if a little strange to those who aren’t fans of dolls, and we wonder what else they may include in the future.