Street Fighter 5 Loot Boxes Added Two Years Following its Launch

Just when you thought that loot boxes were beginning to be a thing of the past, Capcom decides to add them into Street Fighter 5. Yep. Over two years after its initial release, Street Fighter 5 loot boxes will soon be a thing.

On June 25th (next Monday), Street Fighter 5 will be on the receiving end of yet another big new update. Part of this new update is the inclusion of loot boxes.  Street Fighter 5 loot boxes will cost set us back 500 Fight Money (Street Fighter 5’s in-game currency). To buy them you must head on over to the new Fighting Chance menu. Menat will be waiting for you.

Street Fighter 5 Loot Boxes, What do They Contain?

Menat’s new shop tells your fortune. Hand over 500 of your hard-earned Fight Money and Menat will give you a Fantasy Fortune Reading: I foresee a lot of new cosmetic items in your future. The readings you receive will be your multiple new items.

The items hidden in these Fantasy Fortune Readings include Battle Goods. Battle Goods increase your chances of finishing Survival Mode. New costume colors will be found in your fortunes. Classic pieces of Street Fighter art are included, and, here’s the kicker, rare costumes that can only be found in Fantasy Fortune Readings. One such rare costume is Cammy’s Cannon Spike garb, which you can see as the header image of this post.

Capcom promise that new items will be consistent with Street Fighter 5 loot boxes. Everything in them is either purely cosmetic, or limited to Survival Mode. Nothing in your fortunes will affect multiplayer gameplay. Why Capcom decided to add Street Fighter 5 loot boxes now is anyone’s guess, however.

Perhaps Capcom has seen loot boxes as a last-ditch attempt at salvaging some money from what has been a fairly disastrous title for them. Loot boxes, though, are not a popular mechanic anymore – far from it. The press was heard cheering every time EA said that there would be no loot boxes in its games during E3. Indeed, Valve has just had to disable its item trading options in the Netherlands thanks to a new Dutch ruling that goes down hard on loot boxes that could be considered gambling.

Whatever the reason behind Capcom’s Street Fighter 5 loot boxes, at least none of their contents will affect online gameplay.