Final Fantasy 7 Remake Director Gives Update on Development

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a no-show at this year’s E3 to the disappointment of many of the original’s fans. Luckily, a bit of news on the game’s development has surface in an interview with the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura by Weekly Famitsu.

According to the interview, reported by Gematsu, Tetsuya Nomura said that the company is currently in the process of figuring out when they’ll release the next official update on the game’s development but he did add that the game’s production is going well and is actually moving along more than expected, something that they’ll get into detail in the next official update.

Nomura did add that the remake’s story will expand on the stories of the game’s other characters, specifically some of the members of Avalanche, the group the game’s main protagonists are part of at the start of the game. He didn’t go into detail on how exactly the remake will tackle the additions to the game’s story.

The development of the FF7 Remake hit a major setback recently as a few months ago it was reported that Square Enix decided to move development internally, with some reports stating that much of the work CyberConnect 2, the studio originally tasked with the remake’s development, was being scrapped.

The FF7 Remake will supposedly feature a more dynamic and action-based combat system rather than the Active Time Battle system of the original. Combat and exploration will also supposedly occur in real time instead of being completely separate experiences.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 with a yet to be announced release date. The game will be released in three parts, each having their own individual release dates. Square Enix has not detailed how the three parts will be released, if they will be either three full-priced games or three separate episodes of a single game