The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Release Times Confirmed

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit releases this upcoming June 25th on Monday, and we couldn’t be more excited at its arrival. While a prequel to the eagerly anticipated Life is Strange 2, it would be unwise to miss this exciting new game from DONTNOD, especially as the choices you make in this game will affect the sequel. That’s not even mentioning the game is completely free.

Of course, we’ve yet to see the new Life is Strange for ourselves but if this new game is a part of it, does this mean that we can expect to see the same protagonist from this game? We have no idea, but speculation never hurts anyone. Especially when you’re as hungry for new Life is Strange content as we are.

What we do know about this prequel (and Life is Strange 2), is that no longer will we be following the adventures of the loveable keeper of time, Max Caulfield, nor her friend/lover Chloe Price. Instead this time you’ll be playing as a 10-year old boy who loves superheroes, which means already the game is shaping up to much more different than its predecessor. Though, one thing that hasn’t changed is that player choice is just as important as ever.

The news of the release times comes from the Life is Strange official Twitter account. You folks in the US will be able to grab the game at 9.00am PDT/12.00pm EDT, whereas those in the UK will, unfortunately, have to wait until 5.00PM BST time.

Remember that the game is absolutely free, so what do you have to lose? Be sure to pick The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit this Monday.