Life is Strange 2 Episode 3 releasing next month, teaser revealed

The Life is Strange YouTube channel surprise dropped a teaser for Life is Strange 2 Episode 3, entitled Wastelands. According to the description, this episode continues Sean and Daniel’s trip to Mexico. The events take place a few months after Episode 2, where the characters escaped from Beaver Creek.

In Wastelands, we’ll see the two brothers living life in the outskirts of civilization. The two are lost with other runaways and find themselves in the middle of a Californian cannabis trade operation. The teaser doesn’t show much, with only fifteen seconds of footage before the logo appears.

What we do see is a roughly-drawn still of a group of runaways clustering around a campfire. One has eccentric purple hair and is playing guitar. The other, a blonde, huddles over the fire in a beat-up lawn chair. A voice-over portrays a conversation between these new characters and what I assume to be  Sean and Daniel. The new characters ask others how it feels to have other misfits surrounding them. “I actually feel free,” responds our main protagonist. The content then fades into the Life is Strange 2 logo.

From the looks of it, this episode will pick up the pace a bit, as Episode 2 was fairly slow. In our review, Michael Leri claimed the game’s second outing had “sluggish pacing” and was missing “a good self-contained story.” If the video description is anything to go by, events will be more interesting this time around:

“Sean and Daniel’s resolve is put to the test once again, as new relationships create friction between them and they both learn much about who they are as individuals. Uncertain about their once united purpose, can they stay together, or will their journey together end here?”

Of course, we’ll have to wait until May 9 to find out for sure. While you’re waiting, check out our Life is Strange 2 collectibles guide to make sure you’ve grabbed everything in the previous two episodes. Also, check out our Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 review as well as our thoughts on its tie-in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.