Steam Summer Sale 2018 is Now Live, Digital Wallets Everywhere Cry

June always brings a few things: the NBA Championship Finals, blistering heat waves (depending on where you live), and the Steam Summer Sale, which Valve has just now launched. Dubbed “The Intergalactic Summer Sale,” these discounts will cover a variety of different games, genres, and series. The sale ends on July 5th.

The sale has kicked off with a few big discounted titles. As PUBG Corporation mentioned yesterday as they hit 50 million PC and Xbox One players, PUBG is only $20. Fallout and Sonic are both having franchise sales. It’s a lot to sift through and new titles go on sale frequently during its duration so check the store often to see the latest deals.

This year’s theme has players fighting the alien Duldrumz, a clever play on words poking fun at the typically barren summer release schedule. Instead of just manifesting as a simple joke, it’s actually a game on the Steam homepage where you can earn a chance to win free titles on the store. Although, since Steam is getting swamped on its first day of the sale, you might not be able to play much of it. You can, however, still read about the game’s lore.

“Purveyors of boredom of the highest order, The Duldrumz took on Goldhelm’s mad quest to destroy games as their own and devised a sinister plot: abduct all the world’s games and banish them to far-off planets where humanity would have no chance to find them. Fortunately for us, we have friends in the cosmos… a group of aliens who have intercepted Earth’s internet broadcasts and developed a love of human culture: The Saliens.”

Players can upgrade and customize their “salien” as they go to planets and fight off the Duldrumz. Once you pick a planet from the menu, you automatically get entered to win one of the planet’s rewards when it gets conquered by fellow players. Spending more time on the planet increases your chances to win. Players can either choose to enter multiple planets for multiple, low chances of winning or choose one planet for a higher chance of earning fewer games. The game ends on July 4th at 10 am PST.