Steam sale has 80% off Everything

Steam sale is here and it’s got a pretty sweet discount: you can get Everything for 80% off. And if you’ve taken that title quite literally — as some people on Twitter seem to have yesterday — you’re bound to be disappointed.

You see, Everything is a most confusing name for a video game from David OReilly and Double Fine Presents. It’s a rather apt designation once you know what it’s all about — you are, quite literally, able to control pretty much everything in the world. Want to be a frog? Be a frog! Or, you could can be fish in space because why the heck not.

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Whether or not you may know it, Steam has a Twitter account. Valve uses this Twitter account to write about new releases and whenever a Steam sale happens, and yesterday was the launch of a daily deal for Everything. You can see where this is going.

Typically, the Steam Twitter account posts about the deals and not much else as shown by their tweets and replies. The unfortunate name of yesterday’s daily deal led to a rare break in character from whoever manages the company’s social media presence on Twitter.

“… that’s 80% off of the game called Everything,” read a subsequent tweet clarifying the situation. “Not, you know, EVERYTHING.”

While most tweets from the account get anywhere from 50–100 retweets, this particular Steam Sale got more than 3,200 retweets. As one might expect, hilarity ensued at a rapid pace.

“My credit card was about to get maxed the f*** out,” read one reply. Other Twitter users followed up with a cavalcade of incredulous responses, emoji, and memes. One user even pointed out that this would have been the perfect choice for April Fool’s 2020, but alas.

One curious question remains: what would it cost to buy literally everything on Steam? The best data we have is a website last updated in 2014 which clocked in the cost of 7,000+ games at just over $91,000. There have been a fair few more titles released since then; suffice it to say, it would be a lot.

You can watch ten minutes of Everything (the game, not literally EVERYTHING) gameplay below. If it seems like your kind of jam, you can buy Everything (the game, again) on Steam for $2.99 or your regional equivalent, an 80% discount off of its normal price.