Steam VPN discount trick is dead due to new update

If you’ve used the Steam VPN discount trick to save a few bucks when buying games, you’re going to be disappointed at a new change Valve has made to its storefront.

Previously, some people would use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to appear as if they were in another country and secure cheaper prices on games. For example, a game that is priced at $60 in the United States might be much cheaper in Russia.

Now, Valve has tied your country to your Steam Store settings. If you want to change your country, it’s going to be a little more difficult as highlighted by SteamDB on Twitter:

If you have moved to a new country, or are living abroad for an extended period of time, you can update your Steam country setting when you complete your first purchase using a payment method from that country. If your location differs from your current Steam account store country setting you’ll have an option to change your store region while you view your cart or as you complete your purchase.

This change means that purchasers must now not only live in that country — they need to use a payment method (such as a credit card) registered in that country as well.

Trying to save a few bucks with the Steam VPN trick is understandable, but it’s going to be much more difficult going forward. For now, your best bet is to probably wait for the next big Steam sale.