Mario is Officially Faster Than Usain Bolt

Mario is a ridiculously gifted dude. The short, chubby plumber jumps about with more freedom than a Mexican Jumping Bean. He can sprint all day long and even jump off of walls with a simple kick of those little legs. The guy is superhuman and now a Logistic Engineer from Brazil, Pedro Henrique Evers, has answered that time-honored question: Who is faster out of Mario and Usain Bolt?

Pedro’s study, via Nintendo Life, titled “The Physics of Super Mario World“, goes into great detail on the physics of our mustachioed hero and the Mushroom Kingdom. Using the data he gathered about Mario’s world, Pedro questioned how the plumber would perform in the real world.

The study came to the conclusion that the Mushroom Kingdom respects the laws of physics. An interesting factoid, however, is that the Mushroom Kingdom is bigger than Jupiter. It has a greater landmass, and therefore a much greater gravitational pull. Mario is running, flipping and eating trippy mushrooms in gravity that is 5.5 times stronger than it is here on Earth. This means that if hewas on Earth, he would be able to jump 28 meters into the air. Javier Sotomayor, eat your heart out.

Such a revelation also reveals that Mario can run ridiculously fast. He can run at speeds as high as 52 km/h. This horizontal running speed is around 8 km/h faster than the 44.5 km/h Usain Bolt hit in a race. Bolt ran his world record 100m dash in an incredible 9.58 seconds, Mario would decimate this record. Running at 52 km/h, he would clock in at around 6.92 seconds in a 100m sprint. The flash may have found his equal: A short round plumber who fights turtles and saves princesses for a living.