Epic Games Sues Former Employee for Leaking Fortnite’s Meteor Event

Epic Games has had a few lawsuits thrown at them thanks to PUBG, but this time they’re hitting back. Only this time? It’s against themselves, or rather, a former employee of theirs. Why? Because this employee had allegedly breached a non-disclosure agreement, by sharing details of the Fortnite meteor event before it had even been revealed to players.

While the rest of us Fortnite fanatics were pumped about the implications of a meteor event, Epic Games was preparing for an important of their own: their legal action against their former employee, Thomas Hannah. According to the suit, provided via IGN, the quality assurance (QA) tester Hannah had access to confidential information regarding future events in Fortnite. Information that they went on to leak later on.

Nonetheless, Hannah wasn’t the only individual who managed to land themselves in some hot water with Epic Games. According to the legal document, Hannah had conspired with Adam DiMarco (known as ‘internetadam’ on Reddit) to share the information online on the popular forum site. The leak occurred 3 weeks after Hannah had left Epic Games. Which means that, if these allegations are true, then Hannah breached his agreement and disrespected his former colleagues’ hard work and dedication.

The post has since been deleted, but it stated that the meteor would hit Dusty Depot and that Fortnite would adopt superhero themes. The accuracy of the post is, of course, suspicious but Hannah has filed his own response to Epic Game’s claims that deny many of the claims of his involvement in the leak of Fortnite’s season 4 pass.

One of the things he makes clear in his case file is that while DiMarco did question Hannah about the meteor event, DiMarco made deductions based on Hannah’s vague responses rather than Hannah giving him fully, detailed answers.

Whether that makes a difference we’re not too sure, but we’ll be sure to update you all when we have more information.