Agony Unrated Edition Canceled as Developer Goes Through Financial Struggles

Few games this year have been as universally panned as Agony. Low reviews gave this game a bad reputation and things have only gotten worse. Citing technical, legal, and financial issues, developer Madmind Studio has announced the cancellation of the explicit Agony Unrated Edition for PC. However, the team will be able to support the regular PC and console editions in the near future.

Madmind broke the news on Agony‘s Steam page earlier today. They did not go into much detail about what the aforementioned legal and technical issues were. However, the financial troubles are most likely because of the game’s poor reception and subsequent low sales.

Agony Unrated Edition was supposed to come out within the next few months on PC and include the censored parts that were cut during the game’s development. The studio listed all the cut content on Agony‘s Kickstarter page earlier this month as they explained that they would be able to publish the unrated content themselves. More erotic animations, the restoration of removed scenes, uncensored textures, and more were among the list of additions this edition was scheduled to bring.

But part of the team will still be supporting the regular version of the game. Madmind stated that a fix for the Xbox One X version has been sent to their publisher who will send it Microsoft to be approved within the next few days. Xbox One, PS4, and PC players will all see a patch sometime next week. It will have “many fixes” and introduce a “highly refined lighting system.”

Agony‘s censorship conquered most of the game’s pre-release buzz. All versions were supposed to be censored but PC players would have been able to remove the censors with a patch. Then the uncensored patch was canceled as Madmind was able to keep most of the game the way it was intended aside from “several seconds from two endings (out of seven) and some scenes that may be unlocked only after the end of the game.” In the end, players got a mostly uncensored version of the game but Madmind was not able to deliver the full unrated edition with more explicit bits.