Rockstar Gives $300k to Players for GTA Online Nightclub Update

Ahead of the release of the GTA Online nightclub update, Rockstar is offering players $300,000 of in-game cash. This comes alongside exclusive new clothing items, weekly cash bonuses throughout July, and the aforementioned nightclubs.

In order to claim your free money, all you need to do is log in to GTA Online before July 2 next Monday. Then, between July 3 and July 9, if you log in again you’ll find $300,000 in your Maze Bank account. On top of this, you’ll also get an Orange Wireframe Bodysuit, and you’ll get put on the nightclub “guest list,” which offers a nice amount of freebies and discounts.

Rockstar isn’t giving up on GTA Online anytime soon, especially with it still remaining in the number 4 spot on the Steam charts, an impressive feat for a game that’s almost 5 years old. The Nightclub update, which is coming in July (likely during or after that July 3 to July 9 window) looks pretty exciting, allowing you to open your own nightclub, managing the setup, design, staffing, and promotion. You’ll even be able to employ the services of four real-life music artists: Solomun, The Black Madonna, Dixon, and Tale of Us, all of whom will look to actually star in the game, as well as their music.

There are going to be weekly bonuses throughout July of between $100,000 and $350,000 too in conjunction with the GTA Online nightclub update. More discounts too, on upcoming new vehicles like the MTL Pounder Custom, and aesthetic modifications to other vehicles, like the Ocelot Swinger sports car. Rockstar is also giving players funky cool nightclub themed t-shirts – the funky cool part is pure speculation, but a significant likelihood.

Rockstar will be keeping us updated soon with a specific date for the GTA Online nightclub update to drop, as well as more details on the guest list perks and the weekly awards, so stick around for that.