Quake Champions Scalebearer Edition Coming to GameStop

GameStop has announced that they’ll be selling an exclusive Quake Champions Scalebearer Edition. The game stopped being free-to-play yesterday and is currently on sale in Early Access, but this edition will only be available through GameStop.

The Quake Champions Scalebearer Edition is limited-run and currently up for preorder for $79.99. With it, you’ll get the game, the Champions Pack that includes every current and future champion, and an exclusive “Oni” digital skin. You’ll also get a 12″ hand-painted statue of the planetary warlord champion, Scalebearer. Preorders are up now, and it’s expected to be available at retail during QuakeCon, which starts on August 9 this year.

“If you are a fan of Quake, the Scalebearer statue is the ultimate collectable,” said GameStop’s vice president of merchandising, Eric Bright. “grab one before they are gone. Bethesda is only making a limited number.” We don’t know exactly how limited the Quake Champions Scalebearer Edition will be, but with the dedicated fanbase of the Quake series, it’s likely to get scooped up completely pretty quickly.

Quake Champions has been incredibly well-received, considered by many to be worthy of the Quake label. In our review-in-progress of the game last year, Trent Kahn said that it felt great to play. “I’m impressed by the fact that, despite the game introducing many modern conveniences, it manages to retain the soul of the original shooter without compromise,” he said. “It has that natural twitchy feeling that is so uncommon among modern FPS games, to a point where it can be picked up and played faster than just about any game out there.”

You can play Quake Champions now in Early Access for the discounted price of $17.46. If you want to make sure you get your hands on the Quake Champions Scalebearer Edition, you can preorder it now on GameStop’s website.