The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is a Physical Card Game, Hits Kickstarter Goal in 1.5 Hours

Edmund McMillen has finally outed the upcoming The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. After a week or so of teasing, the new Binding of Isaac can indeed be played on something that almost everyone owns. A physical card game, Four Souls is playable on tables, floors and any flat surface, really.

McMillen’s new four-player card game based on the world of Binding of Isaac was announced via Kickstarter. Indeed, people have been so keen for the game that its initial goal was smashed after just one-and-half hours. There has been a great response for this unlikely Binding of Isaac sequel.

The Binding of Isaac Card Game, How Does it Work?

Binding of Isaac card game? It doesn’t sound like it would work at first glance, but the game’s Kickstarter explains things well. This is a ‘multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding’. The basic Binding of Isaac: Four Souls card deck comes with one rulebook, four character cards, four starting item cards, one six and one eight-sided dice, 100 loot cards, 100 monster cards, 100 treasure cards and 100 pennies. Different tiers of decks are available depending on your pledge. Each player is given one of Cain, Isaac, Judas, and Maggie alongside a starting item to get the game going.

The aim of the game is to kill monsters and claim loot. The first player to end their turn with four souls (hence the name) is the winner. This is achieved by besting the four bosses. It’s up to you whether or not you work alongside, or betray fellow players in Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. Current monsters and items for sale (to but with pennies) are drawn at the start of the game. Two of each must be there at all times. “Each player starts the game with [three] loot cards and 3¢.”

The rules of The Binding of Isaac Four Souls

To play The Binding of Isaac Four Souls, players take it in turns to decide whether or not to buy treasure cards (which help in battles and such) or fighting a monster. Fighting a monster involves rolling dice against the monster over and over again until either dies. Both player and monster have attack and health parameters, whereas monsters have a dice value as well. If your dice roll is above that number, you attack, taking off the specified amount of health as per your attack stats. If you roll below, however, you get hurt. Don’t worry, though, as if you die, you aren’t out of the game. Taking inspiration from the game, The Binding of Isaac Four Souls is randomized each time you play. With different items and enemies to face every time. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Who knew that a Binding of Isaac card game would sound so fun? McMillen did, apparently, and all those folks who backed the game.