The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Not Coming to PS4 or Xbox One

Edmund McMillen continues to tease the next entry into The Binding of Isaac universe. It all began on June 14th, when McMillen posted on Twitter that he is working on something new. Of course, the badlands of the Twittersphere buckled down on thinking what the new title could be. A direct sequel to The Binding of Isaac, perhaps? Now we know a fair amount more about the project. Titled The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, the new multiplayer title will not be hitting traditional consoles.

Four Souls is not a direct sequel to The Binding of Isaac. Instead, it is something completely new – “a spinoff that kind of connects the end of Isaac to ideas I have for a sequel [that’s set] after/during the end of the current game.” After a week of teasing on his Twitter account, McMillen spilled the beans, or at least, he did to some extent. We know that Four Souls will not be hitting Xbox One, PS4 or Switch. Instead, “it can be played on something almost everyone owns”.

What is The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls?

McMillen’s message on Twitter to his eagerly anticipating fans has been, err, confusing:

The Binding of Isaac Four Souls is a multiplayer game that isn’t battle royale, “can be played on something almost everyone owns”, features art from the fans and “plays nothing like Zelda 4 swords.” Hmm. It could be a mobile game, as everyone and their mum own a smartphone these days. Perhaps a card game reminiscent of the likes of Gwent? We know that there are currently eight playable characters, but that McMillen is working on more.

Perhaps Four Souls is a table-top card game? Almost everyone owns a table. It has been described as a card game of sorts, at least. We’ll hopefully find out what The Binding of Isaac Four Souls is exactly as early as tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled on GameRevolution if you want to know!