Super Meat Boy Forever Delayed Past April

The long-awaited sequel to 2010’s tough-as-nails platformer from Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, Super Meat Boy Forever, has been delayed past its expected release month of April. According to a tweet from the official Team Meat Twitter, the game will be here “After but not too far after April 2019.” Gamers shouldn’t worry, though. Super Meat Boy Forever was just at PAX East 2019 in a playable state.

The team assures that development has been going “at record speeds” while keeping everyone healthy. The post then comments on the crunch-heavy state of game development. It states that the developers “could have sacrificed their minds, bodies, and social lives” to make April 2019. “But that’s stupid,” the tweet confirms. This statement a likely reference to the recent Kotaku investigative report where BioWare was called out for its terrible business practices during Anthem’s development.

Team Meat doesn’t have to answer to an “Evil Asshat corporation,” the tweet continues. Because of this, the team is “fortunate enough” to control its own working conditions. “Game delays blow, we know,” but Team Meat assures the delay will be short. In fact, the next Super Meat Boy Forever trailer will have a final release date.

The original Super Meat Boy was a massive success. The game was based on a popular flash title by McMillen and ported to other platforms like Xbox Live Arcade. Tommy Refenes joined McMillen to help code the new version. As shown in Indie Game: The Movie (which you should all watch), the development period was hellish for both members. It represents the crunch issues that even AAA teams face nowadays.

Regardless, Super Meat Boy Forever will be better off thanks to the delay. Unlike the first game, Forever has randomly generated levels that change based on a player’s skill level. Check out our impressions of the game from last year’s E3.