Boundless Gets PC Publishing Deal with Square Enix Collective

Wonderstruck Games has partnered up with the Square Enix Collective to publish the full PC version of Boundless. The voxel-based indie sandbox MMO has been in Early Access since 2014 under the name Oort Online, and when it releases this year it’ll also come to PS4 as a console exclusive with PS4/PC crossplay.

Boundless is an MMO set in one universe, with a large number of connected worlds. Every planet is governed in entirety by the players, with the intent of politics, economy, and infrastructure all being managed by emergent communities of players. There’s no space travel, a feature that Square Enix points out as being the signature in other games similar to Boundless, and instead, players hop between worlds by looking up into the sky at a planet’s surface and choosing landmarks to teleport to.

“Partnering with Square Enix Collective on the PC version of Boundless is a big step forward for us here at Wonderstruck,” said James Austin, Director of Wonderstruck. “They get what we’re trying to do and I think they’re going to do an amazing job of conveying everything the game has to offer to what we hope will be an excited and growing group of gamers.”

Square Enix has also expressed excitement at the prospect of working on the PC release of the game, coming later this year in tangent with the PS4 release that Wonderstruck is handling by itself. “Boundless has been on our radar for some time,” said Phil Elliott, Director of indie publishing at Square Enix West. “It’s a game which, to me, feels like nothing else I’ve played. The universe is constantly evolving, and that’s because everything in the game is made by the players – everything you do, you do in the full view of everybody else that plays the game.”

An official release date has yet to be confirmed, but Boundless should be getting its full release later this year. You can play it now in Early Access on Steam.