My Brother Rabbit Releases in Q3 2018

My Brother Rabbit is an indie point-and-click adventure game by Artifex Mundi about an imaginary world created by two children coping with an illness that’s affected their family. It’ll be releasing on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac later this year.

In My Brother Rabbit, you assume the role of a rabbit living underground nursing his ill friend, a flower, back to health by deciphering puzzles and playing minigames. You collect hidden butterflies and balloons and do everything you can to help your friend. It’s whimsical and reminiscent of fairy tales because it’s a metanarrative created by the two main characters of My Brother Rabbit, a brother and sister, the latter of whom has fallen ill. The story is a way for these two characters to cope with what is happening to them.

Developer Artifex Mundi is best-known for their hidden object games, like Enigmatis and the Nightmares from the Deep series. Now that the team is comprised of over 150 people, they wanted to really show off their capabilities in crafting worlds – My Brother Rabbit is one project from the various divided smaller crews at the studio. “My Brother Rabbit’s spiritual journey recalls the power and depth of the mind’s eye,” said Maciej Binkowski, publishing director at Artifex Mundi. “The universes humans can develop can be beautifully surreal, and we want to invite players into the strange machinations in our heads.”

Arkadiusz Reikowski, renowned indie composer best known for producing the soundtracks for Layers of Fear and Seven: The Days Long Gone, has also written the score for My Brother Rabbit. It really evokes the wonderous but sombre dream-like world, which is entirely hand-painted. My Brother Rabbit is coming to all major platforms in Fall of 2018, with an official date to be confirmed at a later time. For more information, check out Artifex Mundi’s website.