Funko Cereal Features Cuphead, Megaman, and Freddy Krueger

Pop culture giant Funko is well known for its Funko Pop range. The company makes cool and collectible figurines of just about everything in popular culture today. They have made Pop figurines of films, TV shows, musicians, WWE and even video games. Resident Evil, Fallout 4, Kingdom Hearts and many more have had Pop figurines made base on some of their respective characters. Companies like Funko evolve and branch out into different forms of marketing merchandise to keep fresh. Their latest initiative is something new for them, cereal.

Funko has made several kinds of merchandise but hasn’t made cereal until now. It’s a big change from what they usually make. The cereal is Called FunkO’s. According to the official announcement on their website, Funko is “committed to helping you start the day off right by putting the fun back in breakfast with FunkO’s.”

The cereal of which different flavors will be available in different stores across the US, will release sometime this month. The Mega Man cereal will be available at Gamestop and the Cuphead cereal will be on the shelves of Hot Topic. It isn’t just video games they are doing cereal of, films as well. Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Lord of the Rings are also getting cereal.

Each one of the FunkO’s will also have a Pop figurine inside. You can eat your cereal and look at your new Pop figurine. Collectors will probably buy two boxes of the cereal they want so they can have one for the figurine and leave one box unopened.

Whilst these will more than likely be able to be shipped internationally, there is no word as of yet on if the FunkO’s will be put on store shelves outside the US. We will provide an update if and when more news becomes available. Even though Funko is making cereal, they will still be making more of their very popular Pop figurines.

The FunkO’s cereal will be available for purchase sometime later this month.