Next Hazelight Game Will Be “Very Different” to A Way Out, Again Published by EA

The next Hazelight game has already been teased!  A Way Out was a success for Josef Fares and Hazelight Studios when it managed to sell over one million copies, merely two weeks after release. What’s next for the eccentric game designer who also developed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons? A new Hazelight game, of course, and it’s been confirmed by Fares himself that his next game will still be published by EA.

In an interview with Eurogamer at Gameslab 2018, Fares said: “Yeah, we’re with EA. It’s no problem. It’s super-good support. I don’t care what publisher I work with it’s going to be the same. This is how I work: I respect the economical aspect but nobody f***s with the vision — it’s very, very important. And they know it at EA now, and they’re super-supportive — super-supportive.”

The only information we have about Hazelight Studios’ new game so far is that it will be “very different” compared to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out. It will also be “bigger than A Way Out” but Fares confirms it won’t be AAA. He added: “The next game will be longer than A Way Out, but that’s because it makes sense for that game. Developers should focus on making the best game. It shouldn’t be a tick box thing. That goes for everybody – for the players, for the reviewers. Why are we talking about replayability when nobody is really even finishing the games? It doesn’t make sense. It’s like everybody is going on autopilot here.”

Fares is referring to those who complained that A Way Out was too short, despite a whopping 50 percent of gamers not having completed the game. He said that he creates “powerful moments” through gameplay mechanics like “controls” in Brothers and “co-op” in A Way Out. There will probably be unique gameplay mechanic in the new game too, which is what will make it “very different.” Meanwhile, check out our feature on how A Way Out is brilliant for recognizing the reality of playing games.