Hammond Ability Lets Him Get to the End of the Map and Back in Less Than a Minute

Ever since Overwatch released Hammond on PTR, players have been finding new things to do with him. The Hammond ability of the year, however, is his ability to use his mecha (which looks suspiciously like the robot from The Incredibles) to swing around the map in a way that makes Widowmaker look like a novice. This may be a problem during gameplay later on, but as of now? Frankly, we think it just makes Hammond look like a furrier version of Spiderman, only twice as cool.

That said, when the Overwatch community isn’t using Hammond to see if they can knock everyone off the edge of the map, they are using him to check out how fast they can get around said map. As you can see below, it only takes less than a minute.  Of course, this isn’t how long Hammond’s grapple will actually last in-game, as it seems that Reddit user Kemarhi is playing the game with zero cooldown abilities enabled. Still, you can’t deny that it looks amazing.

It isn’t the first time that Hammond has been used in such a way. It was only a few days back that fans were hosting races to see who could get to the end of the map first, and what’s more, some fans were even wondering if that could even be an event in the future. While it may sound far-fetched, the fact that Overwatch included a hamster as a tank hero in the first place just means that anything is possible. Besides, we do have Lucio Ball which is practically musical football, so why not have a racing event too?

What do you guys think? Are you down for an Overwatch event that includes racing with Hammond or are you just sick and tired of seeing Hammond’s face on your screen in the first place? Let us know in the comments below.