Steam Reveals Top-Sellers, Most Played, and New Releases of 2018

We’re only halfway through 2018 and it’s already turning out to be another great year for gaming. Steam has revealed its list of top-sellers, most played games, top new releases and top-selling VR games of 2018 so far. Each category has been divided into smaller categories or rankings. There’s a few surprises in the lists, as well as games that have expectedly done well over the past six to seven months.

Today is the last day of the Steam Summer Sale 2018, which has been running from June 21st, so now’s the time to grab all the great deals before it’s over. Steam’s next major sale will probably be in winter. The top-sellers of 2018 have been divided into four categories, which includes Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. It’s no surprise seeing all-time favorites like Grand Theft Auto 5, Dota 2, and CS: GO, as well as other popular offerings like PUBG, Rocket League, Warframe, Civilization 6, Rainbow Six Siege and Vermintide 2. It turns out that games like Kingdom Come Deliverance, Far Cry 5 and Jurassic World Evolution were also the biggest top-sellers on Steam.

Valve has also revealed the Top New Releases for every month in 2018, ending with June. Another category shows us the games with the highest amount of simultaneous players. Games which have garnered over 100,000 simultaneous players include Dota 2, Warframe, PUBG, CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege and GTA 5. Impressively, these games are also in the Platinum category of Top-Sellers.

The last category revealed is the Top-Selling VR games, which utilizes the same category system as Top-Sellers. The Platinum category includes games like Job Simulator, Beat Saber, Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR and more. For more details and information, check out the Best of 2018 on Steam here. In other related news, Valve changed its policy last month to allow everything on the Steam Store, except for “things we decide are illegal or straight up trolling.” It remains to be seen if that policy will ultimately benefit or harm the platform.