No Man’s Sky Xbox One Preorder Bonus Turns Your Face Into an Advertisement

Have you ever wanted to wear an Xbox One logo on your head? Now you can, if you pre-order No Man’s Sky on Xbox One from retailer GAME. The game was announced for release on Xbox One earlier in the year along with the next big update for the game called, NEXT.

UK consumers can pre-order the Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky and will receive a few bonus items. Pre-ordering the Xbox One version will get you 10k units (the currency of No Man’s Sky), a pre-upgraded multi-tool, and an Xbox One suit. The Xbox One suit is a bizarre thing to have as a pre-order bonus, given that the game is first-person. However, multiplayer is coming with the Xbox One version. The offer appears to only be available for physical pre-orders at UK retailer GAME. There is no mention of this pre-order bundle being available outside the UK.

No Man's Sky Xbox One logo head pre order

The Xbox One version ships with the upcoming update, NEXT. The new update will finally bring multiplayer to the game. A feature that fans of the space survival game have been asking for. The update will more than likely bring in some small features and fix some things.

The space-survival sim released in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. It was met with a mixed reception by gamers and critics. No Man’s Sky was a game that was highly anticipated from its reveal up to the launch. The game was revealed at EGX 2013 and it captured the minds of many people. It looked like No Man’s Sky was going to be such a grand and unique game. Sadly, it ended up being a bit disappointing. The game launched with many planets feeling empty, no multiplayer and an overall lack of content.

Despite the criticism, Hello Games have stuck by No Man’s Sky and have been slowly updating it. The game is much better than it was at launch, but can it bring back those who left. We shall see what the future brings for No Man’s Sky as the multiplayer is sure to attract some new players.

No Man’s Sky on Xbox One will launch on July 27. No Man’s Sky is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.