Rip Off Your Friends’ Heads in Headsnatchers

Heads! Most people have them, including your friends probably. But what if you could rip your friends’ heads off in order to score points? This is what developer Iguanabee wants to provide to you with Headsnatchers, a multiplayer indie party game where you have to keep your head on your shoulders and your friends’ heads off of theirs.

In Headsnatchers, you pick a head from a big selection and try your best to keep it on your shoulders in a few different game modes. In Roulette mode, which just got a new gameplay trailer, you have to complete a randomly-selected race to the finish against your friends, dodging perilous traps and obstacles. If you get caught in one of them, however, your head comes off. Without it attached to you, you won’t be able to complete the stage, so you’ll have to fumble around to try and pick it back up again.

There are other 100 pre-made heads to choose from, each just as wacky as the last. If you’re feeling creative, however, you can customize your own head using a visual editor. As well as all of these heads, there are over 25 different levels, upon which you’ll be able to play four game modes. One is the aforementioned Roulette mode, but there are others like the single-player zombie mode. Each stage comes with different rules and weapons, and you’ll be able to set traps, destroy objects, and there’s even a big tentacled sea creature that you can summon.

The end goal of the game is to get more points than the other players, locally or online. It looks like a head-ctic (I’m sorry) barrel of fun, with a cutesy art style and plenty of variety that should mean the game doesn’t quickly become stagnant. Headsnatchers will be coming to Steam Early Access on July 10, with a PS4 release coming later.