Anthem Enemies Are Influenced by the Time of Day in-Game

Ever since Anthem was announced last year, gamers have had BioWare’s RPG on their minds since. The Anthem enemies, the Anthem map, the Anthem gameplay and so much more. Even with BioWare showing their upcoming game off this past month at E3, question after question has been thrown at the studio in hope of answers. Fortunately, executive producer of the game, Mark Darrah, has taken these barrage of questions in his stride.

In fact, Darrah has been answering these questions ever since E3 week back in June and hasn’t really stopped to take a break once. While we’re pleased to have a lot more information than we did last year, we sure hope BioWare is giving Darrah free cake now and then for his troubles. That said, Darrah mentioned something rather interesting in answer to a fan’s question.

You can look at the tweet for yourself below:

While Darrah’s answer itself isn’t interesting, it does give away some things that we didn’t know before. For example, the fact that there will be a day/night transition in-game opens up many questions on how the world of Anthem will be affected. Implementing a day/night cycle is also something that the BioWare team hasn’t done in a while.

What’s more, enemies changing (as well as their behavior) does imply that it’s an aspect that BioWare has worked hard with. However, it also begs the question whether the Anthem enemies will be the only thing that changes with the day/night cycle. Will certain quests only be available at night and vice versa? While Darrah hasn’t answered that question just yet, we encourage our readers who are interested in their newest RPG to go ask the executive producer any questions that have been bugging them.

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