Pokemon Go Celebrates Two Year Anniversary with Goodies

Can you believe it has been two years since the Pokemon Go craze first began? The game still has a faithful following and Niantic is rewarding fans for their ongoing love of Pokemon Go with some special two year anniversary goodies and a hint about a the future availability of the Mythical Pokemon Celebi.

Starting July 6 until July 31, both Pikachu and baby Pichu will be appearing more frequently as part of the anniversary celebration. In addition, those of you bored with the regular looking Pikachu will be happy to know that there is a special “Summer Style” Pikachu that is dressed up with a straw hat and sunglasses. Nothing says summer more than that!

There is also some good news for Trainers out there. Niantic is making some Pikachu Fan Avatar items available for purchase, provided you have a gold Pikachu Fan medal. Who doesn’t want a Pikachu t-shirt or Pikachu ears? Pricing and availability of the merch is not yet known but we will update with particulars when details emerge.

The last goodie mentioned in this announcement pertains to Special Research on the Mythical Pokemon Celebi. Niantic indicates that Mythical Pokemon Celebi “will be available globally in the near future” but didn’t divulge anything more specific than that. Rumors suggest that Celebi could in fact be unveiled during Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago which is being held July 14-15.

You may not be seeing the stories on your local newscast showing hordes of people gathering in public places to play Pokemon Go, but the game is still going strong. And just think of those doubters out there who said the game would be just a passing fad. Considering it’s summer for most of us, perhaps it’s time to venture away from indoor gaming and into the great outdoors. Fire up your Pokemon Go app and catch some summer fest Pikachu while you’re at it.