Game of Thrones Mobile Game Will be Published by Tencent

Game of Thrones is massive and its mobile game will be published in China by the equally massive Tencent. The mobile title called Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming was announced last year. The upcoming mobile game is being developed by Yoozoo.

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming will be a war strategy game. The upcoming mobile game will be developed by Yoozoo. Yoozoo entered a partnership with Warner Bros to develop the title. The network that makes the Game of Thrones TV series, HBO is owned by Warner Media, the parent company of Warner Bros. As of yet, there are no screenshots or trailers for the game. It seems that production for the mobile title is ramping up, so it shouldn’t be too long until we get our first look. All we know about the game is that players will be able to interact with the houses of Westeros.

Abacus News reported that Tencent has secured the rights to publish the mobile game. The report also says that Game of Thrones is very popular in China but is heavily censored. Some scenes that involved a lot of nudity and graphic violence. There is a concern that the mobile game may also be censored, like the TV series it is based upon.

Game of Thrones is a hugely popular TV show that is an adaptation of G.R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic novels, A Song of Fire and Ice. The show is immensely popular all around the world and each episode attracts millions of followers. Each season has been critically acclaimed and the series has gained a huge cult following. The last season of the show was in 2017 where it left fans on a huge cliffhanger. Even though production of the next season is well underway, fans will have to wait until 2019 to find out what happens after the climactic events of season 7.

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming is scheduled to release on mobiles. There is no release date as of yet.