Sea of Thieves Battle Royale Would Be a “Unique Spin” on the Genre, Says Rare

Sea of Thieves has been one of Microsoft’s more successful exclusive games in 2018. It has broken several records for the company since it was originally released for the Xbox One and PC on March 20, 2018. The multiplayer nature of the games has caused gamers to ask if or when there would be a Sea of Thieves Battle Royale mode. Game design director Mike Chapman and Rare studio head Craig Duncan recently breached the subject when discussing the game.

In an interview with GameInformer, Chapman and Duncan spoke about the possibility of a Battle Royale mode. They didn’t explicitly confirm or deny the development of a Battle Royale mode for the swashbuckling game, though they did tease that it would feature a “unique spin” on the genre if it was ever made.

“We put a Sea of Thieves spin on a familiar mechanic with new and interesting takes. We see the battle royale thing, but I think there will be opportunities to do that kind of thing differently. It’s interesting where you can take PvP in the game, but we’d want to put a unique Sea of Thieves spin on it and do something completely surprising.”

Duncan replies by saying that Rare doesn’t want to simply add a Battle Royale mode where the game would start with “everyone in a Sea of Thieves map from different points and have you all come together.” Chapman continues by saying that the Sea of Thieves IP and its mechanics are unique, so they want to keep surprising people with unexpected things “only we can do.”

With a new pirate game on the horizon, Sea of Thieves should strive to differentiate itself starting from now. Although it’ll have the advantage of a major headstart, Rare’s game might benefit from a Battle Royale mode, giving it more firepower to go up against Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones, which is slated for release sometime in 2019.