Toys R Us Employee Finds Mario Kart 64 Box Hidden Under Shelf

It seems oddly fitting that with Toys R Us slowly disappearing forever from the world of consumers, that something forgotten, like this hidden Mario Kart 64 box, would be found by a US Toys R Us employee during their shift. It’s true that Toys R Us stores are dwindling and that (eventually) the last store will be closed for good, but at least there is still time for stories such as this to show off what people will miss about the store.

While this story isn’t truly heartfelt, it does show the history of Toys R Us in a way that is sure to cause some hearts to clench at the nostalgia. After all, Mario Kart 64 was first released 21 years ago in 1996 on the N64 and still has an audience, with some players using the game for speedruns as well as to show off different glitches, hacks, and mods that they’ve been able to use in-game.

As you can see in the tweet below, the game found is definitely one that has been hidden under a shelf for a long, long time. Just check out that dust.

Unfortunately we suspect the box is empty, as people will know that Toys R Us kept games locked away in order to brought to you later on as you checked out. Though, that doesn’t stop us from hoping that there might be a copy locked up in storage somewhere that they’ve just not found yet.

There are still some Toys R Us stores open, however the UK’s stores are all completely shut down despite the hope that a buyer would save the retailer from the brink of collapse. If you want to hear more about that story, be sure to read all about it here.