Super Mario 64 PC port shows us what a remaster could look like

Talented programmers have created an unofficial Super Mario 64 PC port and boy, does it look gorgeous! With the possibility of getting a Super Mario 64 remaster later this year, this gives us a good idea of what a modernized version of this classic game could look like.

Yes, emulators have been around for a very long time and it’s not all that hard to play a Nintendo 64 game. However, this particular version of Super Mario 64 is very different.

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As VGC notes, this is a native PC port. That means its a standalone application that doesn’t require an emulator to run it. The fact that it’s a separate program opens up some tantalizing possibilities, too.

There are various sorts of third-party software that can make games look better with new lighting effects or smoother textures. Some of these make the O.G. 3-D Mario platformer look like it was developed for the GameCube era instead of the N64.

The one downside is that this Super Mario 64 PC port uses the original textures; a remaster from Nintendo would also likely include higher-resolution textures and models and would probably look even better than this. Still, you can get a pretty good idea of what it would look like by checking out the video below.