June 2020 Nintendo Direct is reportedly canceled

The June 2020 Nintendo Direct is reportedly canceled. This next big presentation from Nintendo was supposed to take place around E3 2020, but the current remote work restrictions in place at Nintendo means it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing anything soon.

VentureBeat reports that Nintendo’s development partners recently received a message from the Japanese hardware and software developer. While they had planned to launch a Nintendo Direct around the time of E3 2020, complications have since arisen and Nintendo has been forced to push back their plans.

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Considering these delays, we may have to wait until the middle of Summer 2020 at the minimum for a new Nintendo Direct. The delay of this presentation might mean that we could see game releases subsequently delayed as well.

The lack of a June 2020 Nintendo Direct may be disappointing, but it’s an unavoidable consequence of so many people stuck working from home. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too much longer to see what’s coming next from Nintendo.

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