Arby’s Built Soul Calibur 6’s Nightmare Using Sandwich Boxes

Fast food company Arby’s has built Nightmare from Soul Calibur 6 using sandwich boxes. Yes, you read that correctly: a full, life-sized model of Soul Calibur‘s Nightmare, constructed using sandwich boxes. The sandwich box Nightmare model was built during Anime Expo 2018 which ran last week.

Abry’s teamed up with Bandai Namco and Volpin Props to build the model. According to Arby’s on Twitter, the Nightmare build took “over 1000 hours of construction.” The Twitter account for Volpin Props shared a little bit more about the development of the Nightmare build. Volpin Props replied to a fan with “7 artists of the course of two weeks.”

Arby's built Soul Calibur 6 Nightmare

There’s no word on if Arby’s build of Nightmare will tour across Arby’s throughout the US but given how much work went into this, I think we can expect to see this model again. The Soul Calibur series is known for its character customization and people are now wondering if the sandwich box version of Nightmare will make it into Soul Calibur 6 as a costume for the character. It wouldn’t look out of place if it is added, as the Soul Calibur games have a reputation of having some wacky customization options.

Soul Calibur‘s Nightmare is an iconic member of the beloved fighting game’s roster. The evil character has been in every Soul Calibur game including the PS1 game Soul Edge. The Azure Knight has an ongoing feud with Soul Calibur protagonist Siegfried. Nightmare wields the sword, Soul Edge whereas Siegfried has Soul Calibur. Nightmare was one of the first characters to be revealed for Soul Calibur 6 and fans seem to like his new design.

Soul Calibur 6 was announced last year at the Game Awards. Since its reveal, Bandai Namco has slowly been revealing new characters. Series regulars such as Ivy, Kilik and Maxi return. There is also a new character called Groh and the guest character is none other than Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series.

Soul Calibur 6 is scheduled to release on October 19 for PS4, Xbox One and PC