No, Marvel’s Spider-Man Won’t Let You Free Roam as Peter Parker

I’ve got disappointing news for those of you who wanted to free roam as Peter Parker in the new Marvel’s Spider-Man game. Though you can swing around as Spider-Man, you will not be able to bum about New York as the unexceptional Peter Parker. Sad times, I know!

Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man will be the first highly-anticipated PS4 exclusive to be released post-E3 2018, and that means increasing levels of hype for the upcoming game as we inch closer to its eventual release date on September 7, 2018. Details about the game have been slowly emerging and Creative Director Bryan Intihar has been busy answering various questions encompassing a wide range of topics, including whether or not players will be able to free roam as Peter Parker.

On Twitter, somebody asked about whether the game would allow roaming around freely as Peter Parker in Spider-Man. The only reply given by Intihar was a definitive “No.” In fact, that’s how he answers most of the questions directed towards him on the social media website. It seems like his favorite word is either “no” or “hell no.” We still appreciate that he’s at least willing to give concrete answers for most of the questions.

He also shot down the possibility of a Peter Parker skin for Spider-Man in this tweet. However, players won’t be Spidey all of the time. Fans should be glad to know that they will still be able to play as Peter Parker and even Mary Jane in select missions, according to these tweets. Here’s hoping the human part of the gameplay holds up to the awesome Spidey gameplay we’ve seen so far.

Free Roam as Peter Parker

In another tweet, Intihar confirmed that there won’t be any clones of Spider-Man in the upcoming game. That means no Scarlet Spider, Kaine or Ben Reilly. That’s probably for the best as the Clone Saga in the comics were a mess and it would have made the story unnecessarily convoluted. He also confirmed that bosses in Spider-Man will not have health bars of any kind, which would be exciting for some but annoying for others.

Spider-Man seems to focus exclusively on the web-crawler, as Intihar denied the possibility of the Avengers or other heroes of appearing in the game. That will be disappointing news for comic book fans eager to see some crossovers or superhero team-ups, especially since Marvel Comics has actually accepted Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man into comic book canon. The game’s version of Spidey will appear in an upcoming comic book crossover featuring different Spider-Men from different universes.