Fortnite ARG Loot Llamas in Europe Tease Worlds Collide Event

Fortnite ARG loot llamas have been popping up in towns all throughout Europe, in what many think is a teaser for the Worlds Collide season 5 event. It’s part of a lot of funky stuff happening with Fortnite right now, and we’ll find out what it all means soon.

Yesterday, Twitter users began to share discoveries that they’d made across Europe. Fortnite loot llamas had appeared in major cities in London, Cologne, Barcelona, and even Warsaw in Poland in what seems to be a cryptic teaser for the season 5 event, Worlds Collide. Worlds Collide was added to the new updates yesterday, and simply reads, “3 days until Season 5,” with an accompanying image that Epic Games sent out a little while ago of a stylized Kitsune mask; a character from Japanese folklore and mythology.

Over the right eye of the mask is a crackling blue rift, something that we’ve seen pop up in the skies above Fortnite‘s island. These rifts are otherworldly and look like portals into another plane of existence, and with the sudden and unexplained appearance of the loot llamas, it looks like Epic is preparing us for something pretty huge. The predominant theory right now is that we’ll see time travel in Fortnite, with a desert biome recently added to Fortnite: Save the World, an old-timey stage coach appearing on the standard map, and even a wooden anchor found that many think is reminiscent of ancient Greek design.

Another small but significant piece of supporting evidence for a historical, time travel-themed season 5 is the addition of the drum gun, tied to the old school detective skins released recently and clearly modeled on a classic Thompson submachine gun, or “Tommy gun,” known as an iconic 50’s gangster weapon. It all seems to be working up to a big crescendo of mind-blowing goodness, and before the end of the week, we’ll know for sure what the heck is going on when Season 5 drops on July 12 this Thursday.

Featured Image Credit: @LiamTWiiN