Stardew Valley Weed Mod Lets You Get High on Life

When you first booted up Stardew Valley on your PC, we doubt that the first thing on your mind was wondering if there was a Stardew Valley weed mod that you could install as soon as possible. And if it was, well… We’re not here to judge. Regardless, the farming game from ConcernedApe has won our hearts for so many years now it’s hard to imagine a time it didn’t exist. Of course fans have found other ways to keep that love going, such as modding the game to include things that make it more enjoyable.

With a username like Smelliehippiemods, it’s not too difficult to imagine what kind of mod the user thought would just be the greatest thing to add. That’s right, Smelliehippie has released a mod called Smellyhippie’s Cannabis Mod V1.2 and despite what you may think, it isn’t just about growing and smoking cannabis.

In fact, the mod goes into a surprising amount of depth about how cannabis is grown and distributed. The mod also includes 40 new items, 6 new crops as well as 37 new crafting recipes. Though, even if you are selling weed to your local store, for some reason the whole process seems to be very hush hush. As a matter of fact, the only way you can take the first step towards your weed enterprise is by befriending your local fisherman, Willy.

Once you become best friends with him, he’ll send you something in the mail. The letter reads, “Dear Protagonist, I’d like to share an ol’ recipe my pappy used to make. It’s important that you keep these techniques to yourself!” So not only is this a hush-hush base of operation, but Willy is your enabler in the first place. Does that mean you can smoke weed with your friends? Well, we don’t see why not.

Do you have any other Stardew Valley mods that you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below.