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New Steam “Popular Upcoming” Tab Now Tailored to Player’s Interests and Preferences

It looks like Valve keeps doing more and more to make Steam a better and more accessible place for everyone. I’ve always been one to check the “Upcoming” tab on the Steam platform, as sometimes I’m just curious to see what’s going to be releasing soon. However, it seems that most users are not utilizing the “Upcoming” tab. To rectify that, Valve has updated the tab into something called the “Popular Upcoming” tab, which arrives today with a couple of quality-of-life improvements.

According to an update on the Steam blog earlier today, The problem with the previous “Upcoming” tab was that it simply showed users a chronological list of upcoming titles, most of which do not interest them. That’s where the “Popular Upcoming” tab comes in. The new tab will take into account what Valve calls pre-release interest, which is actually data gathered through the user’s wishlists, pre-purchases, and past titles from certain developers or publishers. This is will be how the new tab will be tailored more personally for users of the platform.

That’s not all that Valve has added. At the bottom of the “Popular Upcoming” tab, users will see a new “see more Upcoming Releases” button. When clicked, players will be directed to a dedicated “Upcoming Releases” page, which will present a list of suggested upcoming releases based on the user’s interests. Wishlisted games and games by developers/publishers followed by players will appear on this page.

However, Valve also recognizes that some users might not want to be told what they like. As such, the “Upcoming Releases” page will also show an unfiltered list of literally everything that is coming to Steam. This is a welcome effort on Valve’s part, making the platform even more customizable and personally tailored to each user. In other related news, leaked data from Steam’s own API has recently brought a list of the platform’s top game to light. Unsurprisingly, Team Fortress 2, CS:GO and PUBG top the list for the highest number of active players.

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