The Bard’s Tale 4 PC Release Date Has Been Announced

Lately, InXile has been busy pushing out news on some of its upcoming games like Wasteland 2 for the Nintendo Switch, and now here is something for all you D&D fans out there. InXile has just announced The Bard’s Tale 4 PC release date. It’s coming to PC on September 18. The beta is available now, according to the official tweet, so expect those links to be showing on their official website soon.

The official Bard’s Tale website lists Mac and Linux as “coming soon” and console fans will be happy to note that PS4 and Xbox One versions are set to launch before the end of the year. If you’re wondering about the Nintendo Switch, no word has been mentioned on a possible release just yet. As a Switch owner, it’s starting to become an all too familiar and increasingly frustrating situation. Will it or won’t it?

Bard’s Tale is best known for gameplay that offers turn-based strategy combat that combines some classic RPG elements. The Bard’s Tale 4: Barrows Deep is said to have more than 200 challenges and puzzles, encountered while you explore dungeons and face baddies like cultists, goblins, giants, and wraiths. If you are concerned about spending too much time completing The Bard’s Tale 4 Barrows Deep, you can expect to spend around 30 hours to finish it off, according to inXile.

Bard’s Tale is a long-standing Dungeons & Dragons-style game that has been around since 1985, which may make some of you feel a bit old. The series has certainly evolved over the years, with modern features and visuals implemented to help Bard’s Tale maintain a healthy and loyal following.

Pre-orders are currently available for Bard’s Tale 4 Barrows Deep and there are four different editions available that range in price from $27.99 all the way up to $109.99. Stay tuned for the official release dates and prices of the other aforementioned systems and consoles.